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Ideal way to carry out insulation works Dear reader The isolation of the building is the best solution to protect it from the problem of water leaks that occur, or the impact of sunlight on the building, and can be done in the bathroom or in the kitchen and these things will ensure the protection of the building from all these The problem and increase its shelf life; for this reason we will show you below the ideal way to carry out the insulation work identified by specialists

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Ideal way to carry out insulation work:

There are many different insulation materials, whether it is thermal insulation, waterproofing, foam insulation and many different types of insulation, which ensures the maintenance of the building from various problems.

First: The method of isolating foam:
At the beginning, the foam material is prepared and the appropriate materials are put in place until it is of a suitable strength. Rulers specialized in removing the appendages from the foam so that the surface remains suitable for the building itself, and one of the most important things to consider is to wear specialized clothing in this task so as not to have any impact on the hands, or on the human body.

Second: Thermal Insulating Wool:
Initially, this wool is shortened to suitable pieces that vary in size depending on the building and the degree of insulation it needs. The thickness of the wooden wall you use and how deep it is in the building, accordingly the wool is cut until it is at the same depth, and the wool is laid between them, after which the foam material is placed above the insulation material, and accordingly the surface is well leveled using specialized devices in it.

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Third: Fiberglass:
The same steps are followed, but the thing is to put a plastic tarpaulin and be transparent and is intended to protect the insulation material until you turn on the building.


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