Lot of the top speed rushers in the Madden 20 coins

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Lot of the top speed rushers in the Madden 20 coins

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The weird thing is that Decker was still able to do pretty well at both of those things, even with his high pad level.Now, I still have some doubts about how Decker will handle a lot of the top speed rushers in the Mmoexp.com Madden 20 coins. Guys who can really bend and change direction well may end up giving him major problems. The truth of the matter is that not every team has a Von Miller, and many of the most athletic pass rushers these days actually line up on the right tackle and not the left tackle anyway.
It is a legit concern because that trend likely won't last.However, I didn't see anybody really give Decker the business in those three and a possible games. I'm talking noooobody. He was almost Ronnie Stanley-esque, especially with his pass blocking.Nice feet.Nice punch.Arms not quite as long as Stanley's, butthey still packed a nice little wallop.

And he was shutting cats down before they could get started. Hell, there was an edge rusher for Virginia Tech, No. 37, who looked terrified to even try a move on Decker after awhile.Where Stanley and Decker differ significantly is on run blocking. Even with Decker ing off the ball high a lot, he still was strong enough to knock people off the ball.

Decker was physical and pretty damn nimble out in space as well, two things I didn't see much of from Stanley. Decker was outcheadriving cats 5 yards down the field on a pretty regular basis. It makes you wonder how much better he might be with more consistent knee bend.


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