Making gypsum

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Making gypsum

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Gypsum (chemically: calcium sulphate dihydrate) is made by extracting gypsum rocks from the ground, then crushing and crushing it into a fine powder in a process called calcining. It removes approximately three-quarters of the chemically linked water, where 45 kg of gypsum contains about 9.5 kg of chemically bound water, and this calcined gypsum becomes the basis for making gypsum boards and other gypsum products. [1]

Uses of gypsum
Gypsum is one of the most used metals in the world, used in all walks of life. It is used in the United States to make wall panels for homes, offices and commercial buildings. It is also used worldwide in concrete for highways, bridges, buildings, and many others. Another structure that forms part of people's daily lives, and other uses of gypsum is to add it to the soil to help control its temperature, on large areas of land in suburban areas, and in agricultural areas. [2]

Small amounts of pure gypsum can be used in smelting, glass making, etc. Low-quality gypsum is manufactured industrially in coal-fired power plants as a by-product, for pollution control operations that help desulphurize flue gas. [3]

Gypsum is characterized by its very soft white appearance, which can be scratched by the nail, which is moist calcium sulphate (chemical formula: Ca (SO4) 2H2O), and often the formation of gypsum from the dissolved calcium sulfate in an isolated amount of salt water, when the water evaporates sulfate Calcium so that it cannot remain in the solution, and then crystallizes in the form of gypsum used to produce many products. [3]

There are several forms of gypsum, including the transparent crystal of the parallelogram, Selenite, the white amorphous form such as alabaster used for carving ornaments, and the brilliant fibrous form such as satin spar used in jewelry. Here, when gypsum is heated and water is extracted, it becomes a plaster. [3]

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