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Defining the concept of media
Watching daily news, watching some entertainment programs, competitions, as well as advertisements, and other media are broadcast to the community for the purpose of entertainment, education, information, and education, where we watch them daily using various media. [1]

The media industry requires the adoption of a number of content, diverse messages, and moving forward in the production, promotion and modeling of these content within specific templates, so as to include segments of society of all interests; some content requires to be in the form of a television program, and others in the form of a campaign Promotional in magazines and newspapers, and here comes the role of the media, which is represented by the nature of each medium, and its requirements, and commensurate with them, and the intended audience to watch this media content, and it is worth mentioning that the success of the media message is measured by the extent to which the audience is affected by it , Intellectually and practically; because media messages carry combine multiple content of elaborately constructed in a manner; to deliver that message, and pass content indirectly often. [2]

An effective and important media is the one that achieves the highest prevalence and influence in society.This requires in-depth study, understanding of society, and the media at the same time.Media is not institutions isolated from its society, nor can it succeed without media The content of the media, and the messages in a convincing presentation, and interesting to the masses concerned, and the multiplicity of the media, and the diversity of their presentation of content is evidence of the diversity of the masses, as each mass in the community is consistent with the channels, newspapers, and At, this communication process end result arrived between content creators and recipients to him is the development of a feeling, or a particular behavior towards the message provided, as the media promotes the idea or product, or the conviction, and the public begins to adopt this conviction gradually. [2]

About the media
The various media seek to increase the number of their masses and expand their reach; therefore, they invest technical progress to meet the needs of the public and exploit the various means to present their media content in a variety of styles, as there are print, visual and audio media, in addition to the new media, The beginnings and nature of these methods are described below: [3] [4]

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Print media
Print media is one of the first media outlets. Newspapers and magazines were considered the source of people's news. Today, the number of their readers has declined because of the availability of new media, but this does not diminish the media value of the print media. Especially some American newspapers, which have enjoyed wide public loyalty for many years.

The news is broadcasted after it has been prepared, coordinated and perfected according to sound press and radio standards, which helped to spread it. With radio as interactive, or live media.

Television broadcasting
Television broadcasting was a qualitative leap in the development of the media, the news industry, and advertising, where it was rapidly spread due to the technological development associated with it, and the public's appetite for following the news in audio and video.


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